Look up the definition of “come-up” and you’ll see the following: “occur or present itself, especially unexpectedly.” In the 1980’s and early 90’s FILA was doing just that in the sporting market. In the same light around that same time a young and gifted graffiti artist, Claw Money, was using NYC as her landscape. FILA’s branding transcended from its tennis roots into various other sports and thus into the urban market in the United States. Claw Money’s signature icon, a paw with three claws, would become a mainstay and respectable mark in the world of graffiti, and later crossing into the fashion world.

Fast forward to 2015 and FILA and Claw Money have joined forces for limited edition releases of the Cage and Overpass. In addition to the two shoe release, a reversible sport mesh tank and a coordinating print tee, will also be available to celebrate the long-term admiration the artist has for this groundbreaking company. Over the last few decades, Claw has become an avid collector of vintage Fila. So when the opportunity arose Claw saw this collaboration as a natural fit in reflection of both legacies.