LSD OM story by STAYHIGH 149



FREEDOM told me he heard from LSD OM recently and I thought
I’d write this post as a shout out to him. Chad was one of the greatest
writers ever, he was baaaaad! We first met in 1973 at the playground
on 149th street, that was my hangspot and me and DEADLEG had
huge pieces there. He was a tall white guy with long blonde hair, he
had an army jacket and ink on his pants and I knew he was a writer.

When he told me what he wrote he explained what the OM symbol
was. To this day most old writers think of him as LSD 3 because
the 3 and OM look similar. I had seen his tag along the Concourse
and he was also hitting a lot of stations where he would nab those
old poster spots.

About a week after meeting each other we met again at the bench,
that was the first day we went tagging. He was a good motion tagger
and I trusted him. We would go from car to car and size people up, and
we both had the same sense of who we could write in front of. Sometimes
he would set a pick for me and then I’d do the same for him. When we
were in between cars, man, we’d catch tags there too! That was a prime spot.

LSD OM and DEADLEG were my two best partners and they were both there
in ’73 / ’74, my two biggest years. Chad lives in Woodstock now, a perfect
place for someone who wrote LSD!