“Mission Graffiti, also known as the MG Boys, is a classic Bronx crew established in the late summer of 1973 by neighborhood kids on 198th Street. Later on in 1974 the crew moved to 204th Street and Bainbridge Avenue and would hang out in the local McDonalds on 204th Street and Perry. In 1975 the crew would eventually settle on Mosholu Parkway at a place known as The Rail, a famous hangout spot for Bronx writers.

In its early days crew was well known for bombing surface transportation such as the BX 1, BX 2, BX 4 ,BX 12, BX 17, BX 20 and BX 21 bus lines.

The crew’s initial work on the subway was on CC and D lines. Later on they focused on the 4 line which they held from the mid to late 1970s . They also produced a significant body of work on 2 and 5 lines. The crew’s work was also seen on the 1, 3, 6, E, and F lines.

Crew membership has included both accomplished stylists and bombers. HYSEN 1, MARK 198, KIT 17, RICE 5, MS 161 (RIP), NINE (RIP) FLIP 13, FUZZ ONE, NOC 167, BILLY 167 (RIP), NIC 707, DEAN (RIP), PADRE 2, CUDA 181, BEAR 167 (RIP), PBODY 170, DON 1, MITCH 77, CB 13, BAN 2, WISK 5, MG ONE aka CHICAGO, LEED 3, BOX 5, TC 3, BONES, VP2, POLE 1, BOOTS 119, SIMON 007, VICTOR 161, TAR 1 aka JO JO, RUST 1, DEE 3, PLOT 162, RUSS 75, ANTHONY 101, BOM 5, PLOT 1, FIT, SPIKE 204 and numerous other writers from the train era.”@149st