Lee Quinones is considered the single most influential artist to emerge from the New York City subway art movement of the early 70s. Inspired by the leading figures of subway lore, Lee painted his first subway piece in 74’ at the tender age of 14 against the perilous backdrop of a fractured city. Soon after he began tagging 40-foot subway cars and over the next decade he painted an estimated 115 subway cars throughout the MTA system. Quickly becoming a shadowy legend, Lee broke away from the underground movement and began using his L.E.S. neighborhood as his new canvas.

Through his midnight graffiti ventures on the L.E.S. he would paint with other artists, all of who were spearheading different art movements in New York. When Lee was asked to create a master tribute to his beloved neighborhood he set out to honor the history, culture and arts of the community with the L.E.S. Masterpiece at Hotel Indigo® Lower East Side, a 40 x 16 foot ceiling mural. Giving the history of the “Lower Deck” a Birdseye view through Lee’s eyes, the way he saw it, heard it and witnessed it.