“STAFF-161 formed one of the most revered writing groups of the 1970’s called The Ebony Dukes G.C. or graffiti clique. Originated from several local street gangs in the fort apache section of the south Bronx in New York City. Inspired by the black power movement, the group would later focus their attention on the NYC transit system, which included bus, subways, mail trucks and any other means of mobile transportation. With Staff’s leadership he would help make the group one of the elite groups citywide. Staff’s artwork was one of the most innovative and imaginative of his generation. His most celebrated trains were the Cannon piece and his grim reaper whole car, which was the first use of a character painted on a New York City subway car in 1973. Along with the vice president of the Ebony Dukes inc. Super slick 156 and Staffs younger brother AJ161 the group would build chapters in Brooklyn, queens, Manhattan, Yonkers, Mount Vernon, Staten Island, and Connecticut. They would welcome writers from different backgrounds and nationalities as well as many female writers. Some of the writers known to push The Ebony Dukes were Stay High 149, Snake 131, Spin, Stop 700, Krane 150, Bop, Vamm, Death, Te-Kool, Lava1&2, Hot Source 575/ Hs 575, Stick 1, Jester, Jive 3, Piper, Crachee, Blade, Billy 167, Mr Pug, Stave 2, most of the who’s who of writers in the 70’s at one time or another wrote for The Ebony Dukes with only a few exceptions. Later on people like Smiley 149 and Fuzz one would carry the torch. Staff would stop writing in 1974 but his legacy would still live on. Those close to Staff 161 like Topaz one mostly knows Staff for his heart.”Subway Outlaws