(VIDEO) WEST FC – Wrong Side of The Tracks 1994

“In 1994 we got asked to do some animation for The Artifacts “Wrong Side of The Tracks” video by friend and talented director Charles Stone. At the time Charles (who directed the movie Drumline, among many other things) was unaware that Tame was family, and down with us since the mid 80’s. In fact, Tame is Luze’s cousin and along with Ber came to the 1’s at 145st several times as FC Brick City ambassadors. We were asked to come up with words to animate and we decided to do a FAME (by Serge) , a CITY (by Brue), and a KINGS (by yours truly). In production the animation budget got cut and so the FAME never made it . What was left was CITY KINGS and a character that I modelled after the young Nas. We gave the animators directions as to how the pieces flowed – fill-ins, colors, etc.. and we thought they did a good job. in light of all of the programs and apps that are available now this seems passé, but at the time it was cutting edge.” – West